The memory of flavours

Flavours trigger memories and carry stories Thymissi is a journey of exploration of our collective taste memory. It’s an ongoing project that searches for the authentic, timeless flavours of Greece that bring the past and the present together, the flavours that convey the aromas and colours of the Greek land,and the values of the healthy Mediterranean diet.

Α memory of flavours & aromas of the Greek land

Olive oil

We traveled all over Crete to find olive oil in its purest form. Thymissi organic olive oil comes from olive groves in the area of Lassithi, Crete. It is an extra-virgin, cold-pressed olive oil of high nutritional value, also available in two herb-infused versions (with basil or oregano).A small ark of flavour memories.


A pure, organic honey that exudes all the intoxicating scents of the Cretan land, harvested from bees that collect nectar from wild thyme and other aromatic herbs of Crete. Thymissi Honey is of high nutritional value and triggers unique taste memories.

herbs & spices

Aromatic herbs and spices, produced with natural and environmentally friendly practices, harvested by hand, and processed mildly, to retain their aromas, flavours, and nutritional values. Thymissi spices awaken senses and memories of Greece.


Flavour Box 1 - 16,30
Flavour Box 1
Flavour Box 2 - 14,80
Flavour Box 2
Flavour Box 3 - 21,60
Flavour Box 3
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